Motocross has been my passion ever sense I can remember. When I was young I always dreamed about riding and having a dirt bike. I wasn’t able to make that dream a reality until I could afford it on my own. Soon after my 18th birthday I purchased a Honda CR125 and twisting that throttle was everything I ever imagined. From there on out I was hooked. I have always been somewhat of a dreamer. Immediately I started dreaming up ways that would allow me to participate in our sport, give back, and help bring recognition to the motorcycle community. As I started to hone my skills I found myself going through parts and equipment more and more. As I began replacing top ends, upgrading suspension components, and teaching myself the ins and outs of my motorcycle, I learned what a pain it was to get parts or, better yet, talk to someone who has knowledge to point you in the right direction.


     After several years of riding and racing I decided to go into business for myself. After many attempts to get my company off the ground I was finally able to assemble a team to perform and accomplish the goals I had set out to attain. As has come into fruition I have strived to create the best website for Dirt Bike Parts, ATV Parts, UTV Parts, Street Bike Parts, and Apparel on the web. I am focused on creating and continuing to develop the best user experience as well as assembling the most knowledgeable staff in the industry to provide our customers from amateurs to vets with the best possible experience.